Procedures and Forms

Unless otherwise indicated, forms for the following policies and procedures should be emailed to Student Records (studentrecords@as.pitt.edu)

To locate a 5-digit class number for your forms, please consult this guide.

If you are using your phone, please do not take pictures of the documents, as these can be difficult to read. Please download and use a scanning app (such as Adobe Scan, CamScanner, etc.).

Extended Drop

Please note that the deadline has passed to submit an Extended Drop request for the Spring 2024 (2244) term. If you have extenuating, non-academic reasons to pursue a late drop, please call 412-624-6480 during business hours to schedule a meeting with an assistant dean to make an appeal. Otherwise, consider submitting a monitored withdrawal request for the course.

Request to Take Summer Courses at Another College

(Qualtrics form)

An undergraduate Dietrich School student may earn credit for courses taken at another collegeif the student:

  • is in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of a 2.0 or higher)
  • obtains written approval from the Office of the Associate Dean before enrolling.

The courses:

  • must be from an accredited, U.S.-based institution. (Students looking to take classes at a college or university outside of the U.S. must request approval through the Study Abroad Office.)
  • cannot be a repeat of a course taken at Pitt
  • must be completed with grades of C or better

Please note the following:

  • A student who has earned 90 or more credits by the end of the spring term may not take courses at another institution.
  • A student may only take up to 8 credits (2 courses) at another institution during the summer.

The following is needed to complete the Request:

  • A course description must be uploaded for each course you wish you take at another institution.

Please note that it may take up to a week to receive a decision, which will be sent to your Pitt e-mail. Additionally, please note that you may be contacted through your Pitt email if additional information is needed to process your request.

Once you have completed the course(s) with a grade of C or better, please have the other institutione-mail an official transcriptto Student Records.

Once we receive the official transcript directly from that school, we will post the transfer credits to your Pitt transcript.

Changing a Grade Option

During theadd/drop period,you are able to change the grade option for a course through your Student Center. Between the end of the add/drop period and the grade option change deadline of each semester, you can change your grade option by submitting a Grade Option/Audit Request form(ʶٹ) to the school offering the course.

If you do not fill out a Grade Option/Audit request form for a course in which more than one grade option is available, the default option (usually, but not always, the letter grade option) will automatically apply.

S/NC Grade Option

Certain courses are offered with the S/NC (Satisfactory/No-Credit) grade option. Under this option, a student who does satisfactory work (a grade of C or better) in a course receives the grade of S. If the student’s work is not satisfactory (a grade of C- or lower), the grade of NC (No Credit) is given. Courses for which an S is received are counted toward graduation, but are not computed in the GPA. Courses in which an NC is received are counted neither towards graduation nor the GPA.

Auditing a Course

To audit a course, you must register for and pay tuition for the course. A Grade Option/Audit Request form must be submitted for undergraduate courses by thegrade option change deadline. The instructor for the course must sign the Grade Option/Audit Request form(ʶٹ) before the form can be processed. Students who audit a course are given an N grade, which means that the course is counted neither towards graduation nor the GPA. A student typically chooses to audit a course for personal enrichment.

Repeating a Course

Students may elect to repeat a course, subject to the following stipulations:

  • A sequence course may not be repeated for credit if the student passes a higher sequence course with a C or better grade.
  • A student may not enroll in the same course at another institution and have that grade replace the original grade earned at the University.
  • The original course and grade remain on the transcript; however, the grade and credits originally earned are not counted in the calculation of the GPA.
  • The grade earned by repeating a course is used instead of the grade originally earned, even if the new grade is lower than the original grade. However, W, R,N, or NC grades reported for the repeated course will not be identified as a course repeat, and therefore the original grade earned will continue to be counted in the GPA. Additionally, incomplete grades (G and I) are not identified as repeated courses until the course work is completed.
  • Students are only permitted to repeat a course twice. Any grade earned in the repeated course will be recorded on the academic transcript, even if it is lower than the original grade.

Course Repeat Request Form(ʶٹ)

G Grades

At the discretion of an instructor, aG grade may be awarded when students who have been attending a course and making regular progress are prevented from completing the course due to extenuating personal circumstances. Students who are assigned a G grade are required to complete course requirements no later than one year after the term or session in which the course was taken, or by an earlier deadline established by the instructor.After that year, the grade will automatically change to NG; an NG grade cannot be changed, and the credits will no longer appear as "in progress." The student will be required to re-register for the course if it is needed to fulfill requirements for graduation. The Dietrich School encourages students with G grades to work with their instructors to complete the requirements for the course as soon as possible.

Declaring aDietrich School Major, Minor, or Certificate

To declare aDietrich School major, minor, or certificate, or to remove a Dietrich School plan from your academic record, please complete the .

If you wish to add or remove a major,minor, or certificate offered bya school other than the Dietrich School, you will need to contact that school for assistance.

Please note that the deadline to declare a Dietrich School major for the Fall 2024 term is Friday, August 30 at 5:00 PM.

Transferring to Another School/Campusor Pursuing a Double Degree

Dietrich School and College of General Studies students should complete the to initiate the transfer/double degree application process to another school on the Pittsburgh campus or to one of the University'sregional campuses.

Please contact the school or campus you wish to transfer to or pursue a double degree with, as additional requirements or procedures may be necessary to complete the admission process.

Monitored Withdrawal

Please note that the Office of Student Records (Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences) can only process monitored withdrawal requests for undergraduate Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences and College of General Studies courses. For courses offered by other schools, you must submit the form to the respective school. For example, withdraws for Computer Sciences (CS) courses must be submitted to the .

After the add/drop period has ended, you may withdraw from a course by completing a Monitored Withdrawal Request form in the office of the school offering the course.Students must process the Monitored Withdrawal Request form by the deadline.Check the calendar for specific dates for each term. Because summer sessions vary in length, if you are taking a summer course, please check the summer schedule of classes for those deadlines. A W grade will be assigned for the course. A W grade does not impact a student’s GPA.

Withdrawing from a course does not adjust a student’s tuition or fee obligations. However, withdrawing from a course may jeopardize satisfactory academic progress, financial aid, and athletic eligibility.

Withdraw from All Courses

Please note that the deadline has passed to submit a Withdraw for All Classes request form for the Spring 2024 term.

If you seek to withdraw from all of your courses for the term, please complete the Withdrawing from All Courses form. The student's academic record will bear the grade "W" for each registered course for the term.

Please note that guidelines for financial aid eligibility require students to earn a minimum number of credits per term and/or year. Please contact the for further information. Withdrawing from all courses does not relieve you of your financial obligations to the University.

Resigning from a Term

If you seek to withdraw from all of your courses and it's before 60% of the term has expired, please contact the at 412-624-7585 to discuss resignation. Their email is resignation@cfo.pitt.edu

Changing a General Education Requirement

If a class is approved to fulfill two General Education Requirements and you want to change the requirement that the class fulfills, complete a .

However, if you are seeking to have a course count towards a general education requirement that it is not approved to count for, please call 412-624-6480 to set up an appointment with the assistant dean.

Taking More than 18 Credits per Term
You must call 412-624-6480 to schedule an appointment with an assistant dean for official approval. Please be aware that you will be billed on a per-credit basis for every credit over 18.
Studying Abroad During Your Senior Year

If you plan to study abroad during your senior year (your last 30 credits at Pitt), please complete the Study Abroad in Final Term form. Then we request that youcall 412-624-6480 to schedule an appointment to speakwith an assistant dean for official approval.

Applying for Reinstatement

The following students must apply for reinstatement:

  • Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences students who have not enrolled for three consecutive terms (counting fall, spring, and summer terms), and who have not attended another institution in the meantime.
  • Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences students who have completed their suspension period and wish to continue their studies.
  • University of Pittsburgh students who last attended another school at the Pittsburgh campus (such as College of Business Administration or the School of Nursing) but have not enrolled in classes for two consecutive terms (one calendar year), have not attended another institution, and wish to be admitted to the Dietrich School.

The deadline for reinstatement is August 15 for the fall term, December 15 for the spring term, and one week before the beginning of classes in the summer term or sessions. Students who are reinstated for a particular term but do not enroll for that term must reapply for reinstatement if they wish to attend a later term.

If you wish to reinstate,please complete the .

Applying for a Second Degree

Students who have earned a bachelor's degree in any University of Pittsburgh school or campus and wish to earn a second undergraduate degree from the Dietrich School should apply through Student Records. Applicants should note the following:

  • Course work for the second degree will continue to be recorded on the original University of Pittsburgh undergraduate transcript.
  • All appropriate course work from the first degree will apply to the second degree. These credits will be indicated on the academic record during the student's first term of enrollment as a second-degree student. Students must earn a minimum of 30 new credits, at least half of which must be earned for the second major toward the second degree while enrolled in the Dietrich School.
  • The deadline for reinstatement is August 15 for the fall term, December 15 for the spring term, and one week before the beginning of classes in the summer term or sessions.

If you wish to apply for a second degree, please complete .

Transferring into & out of the Dietrich School

External Transfers

Students transferring into the Dietrich School from another college or university must apply through the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid. After acceptance, Student Records evaluates the student’s previous coursework to see how it equates to the Dietrich School general education requirements.

A maximum of 60 credits can be accepted from accredited community colleges and two-year junior colleges. A maximum of 90 credits can be accepted from accredited four-year institutions. All students must earn their final 30 credits toward a Dietrich School degree and at least half of the credits for their majors, minors, and/or certificates while enrolled as a Dietrich School student.

Internal Transfers

Students who want to transfer to the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences from other schools at the University of Pittsburgh campus should complete a Program Change form at their current school to have their records sent to Student Records. Student Records will evaluate the records and e-mail the student with a notice of admission or rejection.

To qualify, a student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0, and students in the College of General Studies (CGS) must have at least 12 credits earned at CGS. In addition, the Dietrich School requires that students complete their basic skills requirements in English composition and algebra before applying.

The deadline to submit an internal transfer request is the first day of classes for the each term. If you are requesting transfer for the spring term, the deadline is the first day of spring classes, etc. This includes internal transfers and the declaring of double degrees.

After acceptance,Student Records evaluates the student’s previous coursework to see how it equates to the Dietrich School general education requirements. Students must earn their final 30 credits toward a Dietrich School degree and at least half of the credits for their major while enrolled as a Dietrich School student.Any questions regarding transferring from another undergraduate school into Dietrich can be directed to Missy Graf.

In order to transfer to another undergraduate school at the University, Dietrich School students must complete an . Please check with the undergraduate school to which you hope to transfer to be sure you meet their admissions requirements. Questions about transferring to other undergraduate schools can be directed to Katie Frawley.

Regional Relocation

Students who wish to relocate to the Pittsburgh campus to attend the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences may apply for relocation by completing a Program Change form at the campus where they were most recently enrolled. Acceptance to the Dietrich School is guaranteed for students who meet the following requirements:





45 total credits*

45 total credits*

45 total credits*

45 total credits*

3.0 overall GPA

3.0 overall GPA 3.0 overall GPA 3.0 overall GPA

ENG 0102**

ENGCMP 0020**

ENGCMP 0006**

ENG 0101**

MATH 0110**

MATH 0031**

MATH 0002**

MATH 0031**

* At least 30 of the total 45 credits must be completed at the regional campus.
** Skills courses must be completed with a C- or better.

Student Records will evaluate the student’s transcript with respect to the above requirements and send an acceptance or rejection letter viaemail.

If you have any questions about regional relocation, please contact Missy Graf, Academic Administrator.


More than half of the majors offered in the Dietrich School are also offered as minors. Aminoris a concentration of designated courses in one subject area; it is noted on your transcript upon graduation, and can be used to fulfill the related area requirement. Pitt has a large number of majors and minors so you can develop your own personal college experience. Students may complete no more than 3 minors.

Multiple Majors

You can choose to explore more than one path, by completing more than one Dietrich School major. This double or triple major will be recorded on your transcript, but you will earn only one degree. If one major leads to a BA degree and another to a BS, you must decide at graduation which degree you wish to receive. The second major will take the place of a related area. As with a single degree, a minimum of 120 credits are required for graduation, including general-education requirements.

Double Degree Option

You may choose to simultaneously pursue more than one undergraduate degree, either within the Dietrich School (i.e., both a BA and a BS) or in another undergraduate school of the University. This way you can explore and pursue more than one of your interests. The Dietrich School also offers a joint degree program with the School of Engineering. In general, earning two degrees requires a minimum of 150 credits and completion of the curriculum requirements of both schools. Pitt is the place to explore your interests and open up possibilities.

Combined Degree Option

These intensive programs give Dietrich School students the opportunity to complete their undergraduate degree while beginning their first year of a graduate or professional program. To qualify you must:

  • Complete 90 or more Dietrich School credits.
  • Satisfy all of the general education requirements.
  • Accepted into a graduate or professional school at the University of Pittsburgh.

You will receive a bachelor’s degree from the Dietrich School upon completion of your first year of graduate study. Options include:

Bachelor of Philosophy

The University Honors College (UHC) grants thedegree, which is an undergraduate degree jointly awarded by UHC and any undergraduate school/college at Pitt that is the home school of the recipient. The BPhil is the degree title and is not related to the academic discipline of philosophy.

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs allow you to complete a concentrated area of study in addition to your major. Certificates typically require 18-24 credits, and are noted on your transcript upon graduation. Some certificate programs can be used to fulfill the related area requirement.

Professional Programs

Although the Dietrich School does not offer specific majors in pre-law, pre-medical, pre-dental, or pre-education, it is possible for you to complete all of the necessary prerequisites for entry into these and other graduate professional schools while fulfilling Dietrich School degree requirements. Talk with your advisor about your intended path.

If you are planning to complete your undergraduate education in the University of Pittsburgh's professional Schools of Social Work, Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, Information Sciences, or Pharmacy, you will normally spend two years in the Dietrich School taking the necessary prerequisite courses and electives in preparation for professional study. Here you’ll have the opportunity to discover new interests, while earning the credits you need to graduate and developing other skills employers want.

If you are not admitted directly into the Schools of Engineering or Nursing, or the College of Business Administration (CBA), you may be offered the option of beginning in the Dietrich School. Successful transfer into these schools after one or two years will depend upon space availability and your academic success. Be sure to talk to your advisor if you are interested in any of these options.

If you have any questions about these forms or procedures, please contact Student Records.